Muslim Wants To Renounce Islam Frustrated With Lack Of Avenues To Carry Out His Wish


Subhanallah dis realli sad case..muslim want to renounce Islam. he say he atheist and want to free himself from syariah law.

nobody can help him so he ask in forum how to do.

I am very sorry if this may seem inappropriate to post, however I am really in need of help.

I have been actively researching on how to renounce Islam legally in Singapore for the past 2 months. I even found a facebook page for Ex-Muslims saying that I should get a deedpoll and change my name.

I do not wish to change my name, I only want to renounce it officially so I may no longer be bound under their syariah laws.

I am calling out to anyone who has done this before to please help me.

Every organisations I have contacted are avoiding this matter like the plague be it government or private.
Muis is not even answering my concerns its aggravating.

I am an athiest and I only wish to free myself from the syariah law.

Is itĀ fated that he shall remain Muslim? Only God knows..inshallah. Hopefully readers can give good advice to remain Muslim.

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