David Ong Resigned After Affair With Married Grassroots Activist Exposed

Bukit Batok MP David Ong resigned suddenly on March 12 afternoon citing “a personal  indiscretion” as the reason.

It is now believed that the indiscretion was an extramarital affair with a married grassroots activist.

The woman is believed to be Ms Wendy Lim, 41, who works in a logistics firm.

According to her company website, Ms Lim was previously a leading crew member with Singapore Airlines .

Chinese daily Lianhe Zaobao that reported that Ms Lim is an active member of the Bukit Batok People’s Action Party Women’s Wing.

The group’s Facebook page shows Ms Lim in a number of photographs, taking part in various grassroots activities as well as the General Election last year.

Mr Ong, 54, is married with three children.

Ms Lim is also married with three children of her own.

Ms Lim could not be contacted yesterday. Her Facebook page was made private shortly after Mr Ong’s resignation.

It is believed that the affair lasted six months and that it was Ms Lim’s husband who lodged a complaint.

The PAP spokesman refused further comment on this information last night.

Mr Ong also did not respond to our further queries.


Source: www.tnp.sg

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