Contribute To The Efforts By Dominique Lee’s Family To Search For Justice

Hey guys,

We heard from Dom’s family that they intend to go ahead with the appeal in order to seek justice and equality for Dom and all other past, present and future NSFs and men. However, they only have until 2 April to lodge the appeal, which requires a security deposit of $60,000, excluding the legal costs. This is not a small sum and all we want to do is to help out as much as we can.

We have all been touched by Dom one way or another. This is an opportunity for us to return the love and kindness he had shown us over the years. Let’s give his family all the support we can, by helping them come up with the security deposit. We not only want to collect enough funds for the deposit, but also to garner enough support to show Dom’s family that even if MINDEF or SAF do not care, the rest of us Singaporeans do. Let us show them that there are enough of us Singaporeans who want them to be accountable for the safety and lives of our brothers.

In the event we are able to raise more than $60,000, the excess will be use to cover the legal cost of the family, or donated to a charity of their choice. Let’s do our part to take care of one of our own. Please also help to share this on your Facebook page. Thank you.

– Xian Wen


Source: In memory of Dominique Sarron Lee

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