Yazidi Woman Held As ISIS Sex Slave ‘Abused Every Day’ For Seven Months

A sex slave held by the terror group Isis for seven months has described her captors as “not like humans”.

The 25-year-old woman, who has four children, was held by jihadists in Syria where she says she was abused every day by her captor.

“I cannot tell you how awful these people are. They were not like humans, you cannot imagine it,” the Yazidi woman told Sky News.

She said her children were beaten to make sure she did as she was told, adding: “I was so worried that he [her captor, known as Omar] would take away my children.

“They were very violent and shouting every day. My father and brothers were taken away and even now we don’t have any news of them.

“Most probably they were killed but it’s better. It’s better that they are dead and not in prisons with these people. Even us, we were just wishing to die rather than stay with such people.”

In December, Nadia Murad Basee Taha described the terrifying ordeal of how she was imprisoned by Isis fighters to the UN security council, before urging them to bring perpetrators of such violence to justice.

“We, the women and children were brought by bus to another region,” she said. “Along the way they humiliated us. They touched us and violated us.

“They took us to Mosul with more than 150 other Yazidi families. There were thousands of Yazidi families and children who were exchanged as gifts.

“One of these people came up to me, he wanted to take me, I was absolutely petrified. He forced me to serve as part of his military faction.

“He humiliated me every day. He forced me to wear clothes that didn’t cover my body. I was tortured.

“I tried to flee but one of the guards stopped me. That night he beat me.”

Isis jihadists justify raping Yazidi women because they claim Islam allows them to have sex with non-Muslims.

Rothna Begum, women’s rights researcher, Human Rights Watch, says: “Isis forces have abducted thousands of Yezidis since August 2014 and committed organized rape, sexual assault, and other horrific crimes against many Yezidi women and girls.

“These are war crimes and may be crimes against humanity. We spoke to women and girls who escaped and told us they had been forced into marriage; bought and sold, sometimes in “slavery markets” and even multiple times, or given as “gifts”.

“Isis acknowledges such crimes and attempts to justify them by categorizing captured Yezidi women and girls as “spoils of war” for its fighters, and claims that Islam permits sex with non-Muslim “slaves”.”


Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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