Wearwhite: Homosexual Propaganda Distorts The Truth In Islam

– The writer of “Why Does Gay Sex Scare Modern Muslims?” conflates the clear teachings of Islam with the actions of some Muslims. This is what Islamophobes do all the time too.

– To the author Truth is true only when it conforms to the demands of the context, no matter what the context is.To him if Muslims want to be accepted in Europe, Islam must not reject Homosexuality. This is to say that truth is nothing but the product of the context and is subservient to it. In Islam, what is real (reality) is not necessarily true. It is truth that must be made into reality, not the other way round. We should not confuse what is with what ought.

– Fundamentalism in the sense that we should return to the fundamentals of Islam is nothing but good.

– When God said he created this for that purpose, this is what Muslims mean by natural, any kind of action that strayed away from that purpose is considered as an unnatural act, a transgression. Therefore, the very act of consciously turning away from the opposite sex for the same sex to satisfy one’s sexual need – in any way – is explicitly prohibited in The Quran :

“Of all the creatures in the world, you approach the males? And leave those whom Allah has created for you to be your mates? Nay, you are a people of transgression.” (Quran 26:165-166)

How explicit than this do you want the Quran to be?

– The verses quoted above is enough to debunk the “rape theory”.

– Yes, The Quran does not condemn those men who are not in need of women (24:31), but the Quran also does not say that they are in need of men or sanction homosexuality. This is a clear fallacy of Non Sequitur.

– The author seems to necessitate sex in a love relationship between men, with his logic all men who love their fellow men passionately must be homosexuals, to stretch this faulty logic further, it will not be wrong to say that when there is love between a father and his daughter the relationship must be incestuous.

– Linking conservatism with ISIS’ atrocities is a clear example of slippery slope.


We know that such brittle articles will keep on coming, because if your position is weak, you have nothing to strengthen it with but repetition and paraphrasing.


Source: Wearwhite

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