Asian Prisons Lockdown Challenge Participant: ASP Raizaluddin Abdul Razak – Always Prepared

At the recent Asian Prisons Lockdown Challenge (APLC) 2016, we met up with Assistant Superintendent of Prisons (ASP2) Muhammad Raizaluddin Bin Abdul Razak from Cluster C. A first-time participant this year, he shared with us his experiences and challenges faced in the event.

In order to qualify as a contestant, ASP Raizaluddin shared that one has to first register their interest before undergoing a stringent selection round. Following that, they would have to engage in weekly trainings to prepare for the events.

Some of the challenges ASP Raizaluddin faced while training were the long training hours, incorporating physical and tactical trainings as well as being able to find a common time where each participant could train together as a team. With conflicting schedules in their shifts, training still went on even in the middle of the day when the sun is hottest.

Despite the obstacles faced, ASP Raizaluddin learnt a lot from his experience. He shared that one of his key takeaways APLC is to “Always be prepared, and to expect the unexpected; scenarios can change in various ways… but the most important thing is to be ready when it happens.”

Congratulations to ASP Raizaluddin and his team for their efforts in APLC 2016, and for their constant vigilance towards keeping Singapore safe and secure!


Source: Captains of Lives

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