Walid J. Abdullah: Be Honest – Why Are We Selectively Indignant To Racism?

-When people who disagree with the government are harassed-


-When politicians one likes spout racist comments-


-When fences for foreign workers are mooted-


-When Donald Trump suggests a wall to be built on the border, Muslims to be monitored, and that Mexicans are rapists-

‘This is absolutely outrageous. No human being who believes in the values of liberty and democracy, and basic human rights, should tolerate this. This is an attack on all of us. I really hope Americans do not vote for this demagogue. He is a threat to the entire world.’


Selective outrage sure is not limited to Fox News.

If we are inconsistent in our indignation toward similar events/actions, it is then perhaps timely to touch our hearts and ask ourselves what we are actually disgusted with or angry about. Our selective outrage could reveal more about ourselves than about people like Trump.


Source: Walid J. Abdullah

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