Couple With 19 Month Old Baby Cannot Survive On Husband’s $1200 Pay, Expecting Another Child

Good afternoon Mr Gilbert.

I need your help…right now I am facing a financial melt down.

My hubby has been sacked by a company last year and he managed to get a contract job as a packer earning $1200 to sustain the whole family.

But his income is not enough to stretch till his next pay day.

I myself is a stay-at-home mum and currently pregnant with our second child. We are currently staying at my parents’ place.

My first child is 19 months old and I need a favour from you just for this month.

I need some help for my first child milk Friso stage 3 and pampers size XL and some money for us to survive till 4th July – my husband’s next pay day.

Right now my son milk is running low and this is his last tin of milk.

Totally we have no money on hand. I hope you could help us just this month.

Anything you can get back to me.




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