ISURAMUYA Japanese Restaurant At JCube Is Not MUIS Halal-Certified

Dear Muslim people in this FB Group, Please take note!

ISURAMUYA Japanese Restaurant at Jcube is NOT HALAL CERTIFIED BY MUIS. The restaurant DO NOT HAVE any Halal certification awarded by MUIS. However, the restaurant FB page indicates that it is a Halal certified restaurant, and the shopping mall Jcube has also advertised them as Halal, and has abused the Halal MUIS sticker, as displayed in the image below.

Please understand and know that only Halal certified restaurants are ALLOWED to use the Halal MUIS sticker. Any restaurant or eatery who is in the process of application, have yet to apply or are deemed unsuitable to be awarded the Halal cert ARE NOT ALLOWED to display the Halal certification. However, Jcube has displayed the Halal sticker below, misleading the Muslim consumers into believing that it is a Halal certified restaurant. It is an offence under the Administration of Muslim Law Act.

Unless the restaurant claims that it is Muslim-owned, it is NOT safe for consumption as long it is NOT properly certified by MUIS. Ingredients such as the sauces contain mirin, sake, mentsuyu sauce usually has ALCOHOL CONTENT, and only MUIS can verify the ingredients used for the sauces. The chicken meat in the restaurant might also not be properly slaughtered in accordance to Halal standard.

Dear consumers I urge all of you to refrain yourself from eating at such restaurants that do not have a valid Halal certificate, although they claim they are in the process. Be safe, because the food we consume affects the ibadah we make.

Check on the list of Halal restaurants by MUIS here:

**Please refer to my correspondence with MUIS in the images below to read their response.

Nadia 1

Nadia 2

Nadia 3


Source: Nadia Shala in Halal Cafe & Restaurants in Singapore


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