Osman Sulaiman: Work Hard And You Shall Be Rewarded!

This is Shafiq. My Sales & Project Manager. He is the youngest member of my team. He has only been with us for about 1.5 months.

Prior to joining me, he was working odd jobs to make ends meet. With nothing to lose, I persuaded him to join me and realise his full potential and the chance to earn a comfortable salary.

Without any sales experience, he was naturally apprehensive about it. He knows nothing about doing renovation.

Today, he closed his first deal. It sounded simple. Join me. Earn big bucks. Dont need to work so hard. But behind the scene, not many ppl know that he works diligently.

His willingness to learn and acquire new skills makes the transition easier. Going out of his comfort zone to achieve his goals. His tenacity was what contributed to his first deal. A huge deal even for my standard.

He now reaps the reward for his hard work and earns more than peers his age. To excel, paper qualification is secondary. Yes it is needed in a specific field but ultimately, it is not the only channel for success. Hard work is still the fool-proof way to achieve it.

His success is my success. Im only able to provide the opportunity. Whether one succeed, it is up to the individual to find it.

Congratulation Shafiq! Tomorrow, you’ll be able to treat me lobster!


Source: Khan Osman Sulaiman

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