Huttons Asia: We Are Working With Animal Lovers League To Identify Driver Who Hit Sayang

Dear members of the public,

With regard to the incident involving Sayang under the care of Animal Lovers League. As Corporate Citizen, Huttons Asia would like to stand firm that we do not condone such actions against Animals as this is not in-line with our corporate values. This applies regardless whether such incidents occur outside their capacity of work.

Huttons’ management met with Animal Lovers League today, and both parties have yet to conclusively identify the driver of vehicle at the material time as the key witness was not available.

From our understanding, 2 separate reports have been lodged with the Police with regard to the alleged driver of the vehicle. As this incident has been handed over to the Police, Huttons seeks your patience and understanding on the outcome of the investigation. If the Agent is found to be the driver involved in this incident, Huttons will take the necessary punitive measures against this individual.


Huttons values your feedback and will continue to play our part as a responsible Corporate Citizen of this Community.


Source: Huttons Asia

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