Desperate Mother: We Have Video Evidence Of Maid Physically Abusing Our Children But She Remains Free

I think it’s time to share this as I feel that it’s good to let others know as a deterrent and to be more careful when choosing a helper.

Sri wahyuni ( wp number 007726961 ) has been with us for about 6 months when we discovered this. We saw this video of she scolding my 3rd child Ilyas and then punching the side of my last Son Ilham’s head casually. When we spoke to our children, we later found out that she had been violent to all our kids except Auni. She had punched the tummy of ilham, slapped ilyas’s hand but was especially rough with Ilhan whom she had pushed against the door and even slapped his face. Hence we showed her this video and she said that she is sorry and would change.

We waited for a while deciding what to do but shortly after she ran away and went to MOM instead and reported we had abused her. I Guess she thought if she alleged we abused her then we can’t possibly report she has abused our kids but of course we reported the abuse and showed the police this video and now investigation is taking place. The worst was she purposely ran away on the day we were gg to Australia and had bought visa and tickets for her to go with us .

Unfortunately though our government lean towards foreigners and once a fdw alleged abuse automatically the employer will be bared from getting a helper until the investigation ends even though there is zero evidence of this – yeah wow to our govt on this ) MOM and SPF even has the cheek To repeatedly call me to enquire about the things she had left behind at my place. Hence frankly I have lost faith with the ability of MOM or spf to protect Singaporeans when it’s against the foreigners.

Because of this my boys had to go through a thorough medical examination and then later a psychological examination and don’t know hat else but that’s okay as Long as This helper will be put away .

Anyway do beware of this helper as the spf had informed me that at times the helper can appeal to find a new employer even though they are under investigation and for those families who have fdw taking care of their children, do place CCTVs but seriously if they are of preschool age do send themĀ To child care Centres instead where you have professionals taking care of your children.

Please do make Doa and remember us in your prayers and we are hoping this ordeal will end soon and we believe Allah swt is just and there is always a HikmAh behind whatever has happened. In Shaa Allah.


Source: Shahidah Angullia Basrawi

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