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Child Scalded By Very Hot Temperature Water Inside Her Water Bottle At A Childcare Center

Scalded by very hot temperature water that was refilled in her water bottle in the childcare center.. Such high temperature water shouldn’t even be refilled in their water bottles to begin with.. Let alone to be placed within the reach…
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Desperate Mother: We Have Video Evidence Of Maid Physically Abusing Our Children But She Remains Free

I think it’s time to share this as I feel that it’s good to let others know as a deterrent and to be more careful when choosing a helper. Sri wahyuni ( wp number 007726961 ) has been with us…
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Gilbert Goh: Thank You Singaporeans For Contributing To Betterment Of Child Refugees In Lebanon

Had a very interesting time spending half a day interacting with the refugee children at Shatila camp Beirut yesterday. They appear happy and contented when classes resume after a one-week Haji break. The classes are managed by the Palestinian NGO…
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