PRC Government Tabloid: Punish Singapore – Melt Down Confiscated Terrexes

China’s state run tabloid The Global Times wrote on Tuesday (29 November 2016) that the 9 Singaporean troop carriers which had been confiscated by China should be melted down at the steel mills to express their displeasure with Singapore over its military relationship with Taiwan.

The Global Times wrote a scathing report blasting Singapore for its careless handling of its armoured vehicles and said that this implied Singapore’s failure to take China’s displeasure over the long standing Taiwan relationship seriously.

It claimed that Singapore’s image among the ordinary Chinese people was so rotten that it was best that the PRC Govt sent the armoured carriers to the steel mills to be melted down as punishment for Singapore.

Global Times added that Singapore should reflect on its hypocrisy and seek enlightenment in its relations with China.


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