Huge Escalator Part Pierced Toddler’s Sandals But AMK Hub Still Allow Escalator To Run

Stomper M‘s five-year-old grandson had a harrowing experience while on an escalator at AMK Hub last Thursday (Dec 15), slightly after 1pm.

A metal piece from the escalator that was going down to Basement 2 and towards NTUC FairPrice Xtra pierced through the toddler’s sandals.


M is upset at how staff at AMK Hub’s Customer Service handled the situation. She also raised concerns about how she saw the escalator still in operation, hours after the unfortunate incident.

M told Stomp in a phone interview:

“Last Thursday afternoon, we were going down the escalator to B2, going to NTUC.

“My grandson and his mummy were standing behind me. Halfway through, we heard something like the sound of chains dropping.

“I turned back my head, I saw my daughter carry his son and the next moment, we saw that his left shoe had something poking into his shoe.

“When we reached the end, we saw that one part of the escalator step had broken into a mysterious way. Everyone who saw that were totally stunned”

According to M, passers-by who saw what happened were in shock as well and some took photos. She continued:

“Thank God his left foot was okay. We were so shocked till we didn’t know what to do and many people came crowding around.

“No security guards were around, so I went up to the info counter for help. The escalator only stopped after I brought a kind security guard there. I put my grandson into an NTUC trolley and we all went to the info counter again.

“After minutes, the head of security came and his care was good.

“Some people in charge of AMK Hub came. I have no idea who they are, but we wasted more than an hour to two hours.



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