Stop Telling Muslim Women to Have Children

I just like to advise the public especially fellow Muslims that people should stop telling us women to have kids. I for one have decided on this a long time ago.

The endless cycle of family members, relatives, long-distance aunties and uncles, masjid aunties and even strangers asking mede me feel as though i am obligated to produce an offspring for them to look at and adore, as if they invested money in me and waiting for their returns. I tell you i am going to explode anytime soon and it just make me so frustrated. Honestly i am tired of saying InsyaAllah just to please them, when i actually dont even want to settle down and have kids.

I dont hate men or any Malay man. I dont dislike children too. But i hate the fact that people’s mindset of women it for that very purpose.

So now i fight my case and hope these reasons will give confidence to other women facing the same dilemma and give them the confidence they need.

1. You don’t need any reason to not have children.
2. No one has the right to dictate whether or not you reproduce. Simply put, no obligation to give your parents grandchildren.

Lastly, please stop asking such question like “Don’t you feel incomplete? Like something is missing?” or “Adik tak sunyi ke?” or “I will pray for you to get married and have children.” or “Adik tidak memenuhi pegangan Islam adik” because this is what i want, that’s why.



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