Warning To Any Malay-Muslim Or Muslims From Other Races Attempting To Create Unrest

Someone post a warning to all the malays/muslims in sg about jangan buat kecoh or his words “unrest” when the Israel Pm comes to sg soon. The screenshot of the post said:

“Any Malay-Muslim or Muslim from other races attempting to cause unrest, I will not hesitate to go against any of you, even if it means I must beg for ISD involvement.

As far as I am aware, within Muslims community, there are still sleeping extremist trying to inject their extremism ideology to other peaceful Muslims.

Don’t try to provoke government, you can’t win at any cost, even if you’re willing to die for your own cause.

Ponder over it!”

Tapi bukan itu saje!! He even accused that there is sleeping extremist in the muslims community?

Jangan sembarang tuduh sesama orang Islam dan sangka buruk niat orang. Tak paham lah orang mcm ni.

He even dare to tag Singapore Police ForceMr Lee Hsien Loong & Mr K Shanmugam Sc to scareus.



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