Protect Yourselves – Here Are The Dos and Don’ts Of Riding Escalators

A step in an escalator at White Sands Shopping Mall in Pasir Ris buckled on Saturday (Jan 21), just after a couple with a baby in a stroller stepped off.

Fortunately, no one was injured.

Escalator incidents have been in the spotlight recently, with the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) telling The Straits Times in a report on Jan 2 that it had received reports of 63 cases since Nov 1, 2016.

Of these, 95 per cent of them were attributed to “user behaviour”.

Escalator users commonly lose their balance while carrying heavy or bulky objects.

Here are some dos and don’ts while taking an escalator, according to a BCA advisory.


1. Hold on to the handrail.

2. Accompany young children on the escalator.

3. Push the emergency button to stop the escalator for emergencies.

4. Stand within the yellow lines marked out on the escalator steps.

5. Use the lift instead if you are pushing a trolley, pram or luggage, or have limited mobility.


1. Stop or loiter at the landing area, as this obstructs other passengers.

2. Be distracted by your mobile device, and do not drag or slide your feet off at the end of the escalator.

3. Play or run on the escalator, or lean over the handrail.

4. Stand near the sides of the escalator, as soft footwear may get stuck in the gaps.

5. Stand at the edge of escalator steps, as this can cause a loss of balance.



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