Taxi Drivers Boast Of Cherry-Picking Customers During CNY Peak Period

Dear Editors,

Is this how taxi drivers should behave? If they are not happy working as a cabbie then don’t work as one, there are many optimistic cabbies out there earning a hard living sacrificing their reunion dinner and Chinese New Year holidays. By making such lewd comments by waiting for calls and choosing passengers as a form of punishment because passengers choose uber and grab, you are not only causing hatred from the passengers and the uber and grab drivers, but also those good taxi drivers out there too.

Come on, if you are not happy being a taxi driver, please quit and I hope you find yourself a job that is well paid and you can work long in it, there are too many good taxi drivers out there willing to just pick any passengers they see on the streets, by “punishing” us, you are just making yourself look stupid. We have many options, either get a friend to drive us or there is always bus and MRT regularly at our service.

A.S.S. Contributor


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