This Kakak Liyana Is The Hero-Motorcyclist We All Need

Remember the video of a kind motorcyclist who braved the pouring rain to push barricades that could have been blown out of their positions by strong winds to prevent a traffic jam at Shenton Way that went viral? We managed to track the person down with help from our Motoworld fans on facebook. Turns out that the “bro” that you guys have been thanking is a lady called Miss Liyana!

As a form of appreciation for her kindness and civic-mindedness, our team at Motoworld presented her with a brand new RS Taichi raincoat to replace her worn out raincoat! She was so sheepish about collecting her gift and kept saying that she didn’t expect her small gesture to become so viral.

Looks like not all heroes wear capes, some wear motorcycle helmets too!


Source: Hodaka Motorworld

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