Help Bring Me And My Children Back To Life

I wish to share my unfortunate & difficult life story that has made me suffer financially, mentally, emotionally & psychologically, having to raise my 4kids on my own.

14 years ago, I was married to a man from a broken family. Things were fine initially,until my Husband started job jumping. He finds that all the jobs he was working were unsuitable for him. Eventually he started abusing me physically & verbally after I began pressing on him the importance of a stable job as our financial were beginning to tumble. Being temperamental as he was, he would occasionally abused me, and after which he would apologised and promised that he would not repeat his mistakes. Despite being trapped and afraid, I always forgave him, thinking that this time he would change for the better. This patience in me has held on until we had 4 kids. Instead of becoming better, he became worse over time. Eventually he stopped working & just didn’t bother about the family and our needs. There are times where our children barely had anything to eat even but my husband just didn’t care.

In 2014, I decided to file a Personal Protection Order(PPO) against my Husband after being physically abused until I broke my nose recently.

As a mother, I tried hard looking for jobs to sustain my kids but it is too difficult to manage. It came to a point where I have utilities arrears ,there are days where we stayed in the dark even. I tried applying for financial assistance throughout many organisations, but barely getting enough to support my kids’ education as my Husband is still able & fit to work. His laziness & attitude has cost me my life,struggling around for assistance just to raise my kids.

I am now filing a divorce against him, hoping that without him in our lives, I would be able to pick myself up & continue nurturing my kids in a decent environment.

Currently I am raising this fund to save my house, the only asset & shelter left for my 4 kids & I from being taken away. Beside that I have pile of arrears with town council & power supply.

I sincerely hope that this would raise awareness to all kind souls out there who can financially assist for me to be able to support in upbringing my kids while I desperately find a job to get back on my feet from this big drop in life. Whatever that has happened to me, I never want my kids to suffer the same fate. May God Bless all of you.



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