Man Arrested Over Deaths Of Wife, Daughter, On Chinese New Year

Singapore police arrested a 41-year-old man in connection with the suspected murder of a 39-year-old woman and her 4-year-old daughter on 28 January, the first day of Chinese New Year. The suspect is believed to be the deceased woman’s husband and was arrested from his flat, where the incident happened.

The police were asked for assistance at a sixth-floor unit at Woodlands Drive 52, Block 619, at around 6.35pm, following the SCDF sent one fire engine, one red rhino, one ambulance and a support vehicle to the scene. The two bodies were discovered in the bedroom and the paramedics declared them dead at the scene. However, the cause of death still remains unknown.

According to Straits Times, police said there was a burning smell in the air at the site. A 47-year-old transport supervisor also said that he noticed the smell of burning plastic when he left the house at around 7am that day. “At first, I thought people were burning things for Chinese New Year, but when I returned in the evening around 5pm the smell was still there,” he said, as reported.

The supervisor also said that he last saw the woman, identified as Madam Choong Pei Shan, on Monday or Tuesday morning hanging clothes.

It was also reported that another neighbour, who lives a few units down, said the couple moved into the unit about five years ago and they mostly kept to themselves. However, the woman, who was a housewife, used to greet and smile at people.

The neighbours also said that they were completely unaware of the incident as there were not sounds, shouting or screaming. Police have ordered an investigation into the case.



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