Watching America Under Trump Is Like Watching A Real-Life Cartoon

America is now run by Donald, with the help of Mickey (Pence). He’s now becoming Grumpy coz the Justice Department is Goofy-ing around with his executive orders.

Can’t these guys just behave like the Seven Dwarfs and follow the script? When he gets mad, he Tweets. I’m not sure what Tweety Bird thinks of this coz all this while she’s been terrorized by Sylvester, the All-American cat, not the Persian or Arabia breed.

He wants to build a wall to keep Speedy Gonzales out. I’m sure those muchachos will make Looney Tunes out of him. After that bad phone call, the Aussies may not want to be his Road Runner anymore.

And I’m told that his inauguration speech was taken from Dory. Or was it Nemo? That’s a tough one.

But I’m sure America will be great again!


Source: Effendi Basri

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