Cute Grandpa is 85 Years Old, And He Just Reverted To Islam

Meet Mr Ghazali Chua, 85 years young, who is one of our newest Converts. After spending much quality time with his Malay friends around the neighbourhood, Alhamdulillah, his heart and soul were touched by the light of Islam. Yesterday, he started a new journey. He embraced Islam, witnessed by friends at MCAS.

Next to him is MCAS employee, Mr Yusuf Ali @ Muralitharan, 25 years young, who embraced Islam at the age of 18 after learning about it from his Muslim friends.

Alhamdulillah, the two of them are now the best of buddies. May Allah continue to bless them, and all our Converts, with His Mercy, Love, and Guidance. Ameen.

Once a person embraces Islam, all sins prior to you becoming a Muslim are forgiven. In Islam, we are encouraged to better ourselves. It should matter not who you were yesterday, but who you want to be.


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Source: Muslim Converts’ Association of Singapore – Darul Arqam Singapore

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