Tun Dr Mahathir’s Advice To SG Malay Community: Be Resilient, Adaptable, And Never Stop Learning

I had the privilege to meet Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad yesterday to seek his views and advice. This is the second time I met him in person. As usual, I gained much from the meeting.

Tun Mahathir is 92 years old but still as sharp. Very easy to talk to. His wife, Tun Siti Hasmah, 91 yrs old is still as cheerful and hospitable, making time to also chat with us.

Although time is of a premium, we talked on many topics. From politics to social issues. The biggest takeaway from this meeting is the advice given by Tun Mahathir to our community.

1. Be like the jews, resilient. They migrated during the period where they were persecuted, but developed their self-worth by learning and mastering the work they do and as a result? they are now able to control the world by proxies.

2. Seek knowledge and skills that are relevant to the world economy so that we will be in demand anywhere we go.

3. If we are an employee, worm our way to the heart of our employers. Not by flattery or apple polishing but by hard work, being dependable, trustworthy and ultimately indispensable.

4. If we are an employer or in business, work with honesty, hard work, integrity and shrewdness.

5. We cannot single-handedly change the fate of the community. The community itself must want to excel and prosper as a whole. Only then are we able to change the condition we are in.

Somehow, I left the place feeling sad. Time is not in his favour but yet, I think he has more to contribute positively to the society. I hope he continues to be blessed with good health and have many more good years ahead.



Source: Khan Osman Sulaiman

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