Commentary: I Want To Save Water For My Future Generation

I’m trying to see this from a positive light. Water is scarcity in Singapore, as land is.

We depend on Malaysia for our water and our 4 taps may not be able to support everyone in the long run. Water conservation is indeed important and the only way to make us save, instead of water rationing which can be troublesome, is to increase the price of water so that we don’t waste water.

Have you seen how we use our water? Reflect on the amount of water you use for wudhu’. Rasulullah saw only used a bowl of water. And us? We waste it. We’re wasting A LOT of commodities these days. Just like food. If Rasulullah saw was still alive, I am very sure he would disapprove of all the wastage.

So this move, I approve. By making us feel the pinch financially and force us to save water, I think in the long run, it will help. I definitely want to save water for my future generation.


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Ummul Ammatullah

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