Singapore Biker Chick Speaks Up Against New Additional Registered Fee (ARF)

We have masked robbers caught and incarcerated, yet we have our finance minister gloriously on TV, executing daylight robbery on citizens who save up hard-earned wages to own a bigger capacity motorcycle to suffice their daily transport/sport/leisure all in one.

After increasing public transport rates, you give a miserable 10-cent discount for every 6 train rides spent, you issue one-off GST vouchers capped at $200 that isn’t even close to covering the increased Water Utilities bill rates, yet you take tens of thousands of dollars from us in an instant, without a damn reason with a new Additional Registered Fee (ARF) of up to 100% of the OMV for bigger motorcycles.

Who are you to rob us monetarily? Who are you to rob us of our simple hobbies? And where does this unjustifiable 100% extra ARF loading on motorcycles go to?

In the year of the Rooster, I guess you’ve undeniably earned yourself the biggest Cock award of the year.


Source: Vaunephan

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