Insurance Agent Didn’t Tell Truth, Tried To Make Me Sign Consent Form Through Donation “Receipt”

A GE Agent knocked on my door earlier this evening. He didn’t say he was an insurance advisor but introduced himself as someone raising money for orphans. The donation was for $10 . I went in and checked my wallet and found I only had only $2 note in it. I told him to take the $2 anyway. I didn’t want the plush toy gift.

He told that he needed to take my particulars to issue a receipt. He asked for my birthdate, and I thought how odd for a receipt to require my birthdate. Finally he asked me to sign the form he filled-up. I took the form to read what I was signing and the first line stopped me in my track. It said, I agreed to let GE contact me in any form of mailer or communication medium…..I told him, I was not signing and he told me that it was okay!

I repeated ‘I am not signing this. You’ve not been truthful. I’m signing away my rights under the pretext of issuing me a donation form.” I had felt bad earlier that I didn’t have the $10 moments earlier but felt irritated by then

I don’t mind Insurance Agent soliciting for business but not telling me the truth was unacceptable.

I asked him for his Agent No. which is a number issued by MAS. He refused. He said he has the rights to protect his identify as much as I have. He gave me back the money and walked off.

If he had tried to conceal something from me on such matter, what’s the chances of him concealing more from others?


Source: Effendi Baba

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