PRC GrabHitch Driver Pulled Down Lady’s Skirt After She Refused To Pay $2 ERP Charge

My nightmare with Grabhitch experience. Dear All, this post has been posted to warn the public of my upsetting experience with Grabhitch just yesterday evening. *This post is 100% true and has been written by my personal experience, If it has accounted to defame to any company/person, it has been done to warn of others danger.

I have been a passenger with Grab for at least 2 years and had at least 200 rides with them. But my experience yesterday might be a change to everything. Yesterday evening at 6.50pm, my Grabhitch arrived and picked me up at my designated venue. Below is an attached screenshot of my booking.

The whole ride was smooth until when I was about to alight, the china Grabhitch driver demanded for me to pay an additional $2 for the ERP incurred during the trip.

As i chose Grabpay, I told the driver to add into the payment and it will be deducted. He then told me that Grabhitch will not allow the deduction as:

1) the driver clearly knows he is NOT allowed to collect tolls from me
2) Grabhitch has made clear to all their Hitch drivers that tolls are to be beared by drivers
3) Which means the amount deducted from my credit card already INCLUDED the ERP.

So, when I told him that he can follow up the matter with Grab, he flared up. When i was alighting, he pulled my bandage skirt down with a huge force causing my skirt to reach my knees. With the force exerted, i returned into the car after my foot planted. (FYI, I was sitting on the passenger’s sit behind on the left) Being shocked and humiliated this way, I screamed at the china driver in mandarin

” How can you just pull someone’s skirt down? ” He did not release his hands from my skirt and still held on to them with force, and continued demanding for the $2 cash. I was totally fine about paying the additional $2 and did not argue about it with him.

But after what he did, pulling my skirt down to my panties and NOT even trying to get out of the car to settle peacefully… i really am lost of words. If some of you might think he was trying to grab hold of me and accidentally pulled my skirt down, NO.

He still continue pulling and holding firmly to my skirt which was already down to my knees while arguing! I just kept screaming at him to let go and when he finally did..

I was in shock and trembling and what i wanted was to just quickly alight that car and stop that guy from having any contact with me. So i quickly tried to step out of the car on the passenger door on the left.

When the driver saw me putting my leg out, he started moving the car! How dangerous is that? I was wearing heels and he just moved the car when my leg is already out of the car.

The whole situation happened at Hong Kong Street. At that moment being so flustered, i actually still left the car while the vehicle is still moving as i really cant imagine what would he do to me next.

I quickly regained my balance and pulled up my skirt and i saw some Valet nearby and shouted in mandarin for their help. “can u all come over n help me? he just pulled me skirt down!!”

but the valet just stood there and stared LOL. In the mean time, the china driver heard and he immediately drove the car away with the passenger door still open. The valet that stood there and NOT bothering to help, is from the company Valet Uncle.

SUPER dissapointed and shameful for them. After i got down the car, i was extremely emotionally unstable and broke down. I dialed for the police and they sent me down to cantonment immediately.

The driver tried calling me 5 times after he fled, my mom called back and he cursed our family with full of vulgarities and for my whole family to die. And said he would not be afraid for the police to catch him. Someone which is not remorseful and thinks that Singapore is like his homeland. As of now, Report has been done and authorities has been informed and to be followed up.

The driver has been banned, and i am really distressed by the situation. Is Grabhitch really that safe to use? You determine. I hope i put across a message that would help prevent future similar incidents.



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