SQ006 Stewardess Farzana Razak Offers An Apology To The Pilots

It’s hard to forget flight SQ006, even more so for Farzana Abdul Razak, one of the cabin crew who survived the deadly ordeal. On the night of Oct 31, 2000, Los Angeles-bound Singapore Airlines flight SQ006 taxied into a closed runway at Taipei’s then-Chiang Kai-shek Airport. It crashed into construction equipment during take-off and caught fire, killing 83 of the 179 people on board.

Madam Farzana was only 18 years old and just months into her new job at that time. Her dreams and aspirations went up in flames together with the ill-fated aircraft, when 45 per cent of her body was severely burnt by the blaze.

She underwent 11 skin graft operations to remove the scars, but that was just the beginning of the road to recovery – one that was mired by anger and a long bout of depression.

In the third episode of “The Newsmaker”, Madam Farzana looks back and recounts her ordeal. She also has a word for the pilots who caused the deadly mishap.

Watch the video here.


Source: Asiaone


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