Man Behaved Erratically, Yelled At Driver, Resisted Arrest By TransCom Officers

Stomper Vincent was on his way to work yesterday morning (Mar 21) when he heard a man shouting at a bus driver at Serangoon Bus Interchange.

The Stomper said that he witnessed the commotion at around 9am.

The man, whom the Stomper said was behaving erratically, was yelling at a bus driver on board an empty bus.

The Stomper said that the driver had closed the doors of the bus, leaving him alone with the man still inside.

He also said that he could hear the commotion despite being a distance away.

Vincent added that officers from the Public Transport Security Command (TransCom) arrived soon after, and pinned the man down because he was resisting.

According to the Stomper, they later took him away for questioning.



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