Pansexual Local Teen To Christian Parents: Watching Movie With Gay Characters Won’t Make One Gay

Twitter user @bxbyqueen shared a conversation she and her mother had on a private Whatsapp group. In the conversation, the mother referred to a Straits Times reportt on the National Council of Churches of Singapore’s (NCCS) letter to churches which urged pastors to “alert” their congregation about the homosexual content in Disney’s remake of the movie Beauty and the Beast. The mother suggested that it is an attempt by Disney to influence young minds that gay relationships are normal.

@bxbyqueen who describes herself as pansexual in Twitter replied to her mother that watching a movie with gay characters in it won’t make the person gay. And that by the parents’ logic, Jesus would love gay people the most.

The user said that her parents are hardcore Christians and that they were going to get very upset with her for making public their private conversation, but that she could not ignore it. The teens tweet has gone viral with over 3.1K retweets.



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