Azam Ahmad: Muslims To Blame For Current Attack On Islam

Islam is under attack on all fronts and we Muslims have to take the blame. Really.

Starting from our local scholars and religious teachers, to the elders in the community, and then the leaders of each family.

Take care of our own flock, ensure that they get proper Islamic education. Then, the community needs to reach out to every person out there who needs support and help.

Until we learn to practice Islam as what it truly is, and by that I mean to start caring and loving others next to us more than we do ourselves, how can we expect others to treat us the same?

To every single “asatizah” out there, my brotherly plead to you: Please start executing your real dakwah work. Beyond preaching on social media and at the mosques or organizations, start going out there to the streets and make more friends (not customers)! Your work is already cut out for you.

Let us be duly reminded that our own salvation depends on the flock that we have inherited or been entrusted with. But have we asked us ourselves who they really are?


Source: Azam Ahmad

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