2 La Salle Students Suspended After Defending Girl From Bullying FT Student

2 male students studying at La Salle, a local arts school in Singapore, have been suspended after defending a fellow student from the bullying antics of a foreign student studying in the school.

According to a witness, a foreign female student had attempted to force a fellow female student to give up her assessment space. In the midst of their argument, a male student approached the quarrel and tried to stop the foreign student from behaving like a bully.

Even though there was no physical threat or action from the male student, the female student pushed him away in the face with her hands.

When another male student tried to calm down the situation and approached the foreign student, she grabbed his finger and twisted it, causing the male student to hit out at her in an attempt to escape. Fortunately, the male student missed and the foreign student was unharmed.

She then proceeded to make a police report, claiming that the first male student had “molested” her and the second had punched her. Her accusations were proven unfounded and the police subsequently stopped pursuing the case.

Undeterred, the bully continued to cause trouble for the school and the affected students. She eventually forced school administrators to suspend the male students after the bully’s parents came down to the school and made a huge ruckus. According to an eye witness, the parents had marched down to the school to intimidate and harass the students involved in the incident by forcibly questioning students and taking photos of their faces to cause fear and discomfort.

Meanwhile, the foreign student receive no punishment for her action of physical coercion and bullying against her fellow female school mate.

The whistlerblower wrote: “Is this really how our college want to treat our student body? Where the represented, loudest mouth, and the most privileged “wins”. As far as we pride ourselves as an “independent” college, perhaps this is the time MOE should know a thing or two about this.”

He added that the incident was witnessed by many other students and was even reported on Laselle Confessions, although the page has been threatened into removing the post.


Source: www.allsingaporestuff.com

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