Allah, The Most Gracious And Most Merciful, Can Forgive Your Sins With Him But Not The Sins You Commit To Others: Zainal Bin Sapari

I am glad the investigation over this issue is over and MHA had sought the views of MUIS and PERGAS. It is not an easy issue to find an outcome that satisfies everyone. I feel sad that the Imam of mosque, where I do my Friday prayers regularly, is being send back but, as a multiracial community, a strong signal must be given that there is no place for any statement (intended or otherwise) that can sow seeds of doubt in other communities. No doubt this case had evoked strong emotive reaction from many fellow muslims because the complainant is a muslim convert that many disagree (or even hate?) for his controversial views of Islam in the past and there are calls for stronger action to be taken against him for being ‘kurang ajar’ at our revered and beloved Mufti. Despite what he said about the Mufti or MUIS, personally I do not think it is necessary for further action against that person because in this age of social media, anyone can be condemned or ridiculed (just ask any politicians). I think we all can distinguish the truth and let Allah be the judge for his actions and thoughts. I recalled what I was taught that Allah, the Most Gracious and Most Merciful, can forgive your sins with him but not the sins you commit to others. We also have a well-meaning professor who expresses his unhappiness with the convert but unfortunately, not knowing the full context, made some postings which can also be intrepreted as supporting the iman’s view. All involved have apologised and I wish there is closure for all especially for their families that may have been under a lot of stress and for our community that has been partly torn apart. Let’s us heal from this episode.


Source: Zainal Bin Sapari

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