Faris Abdat: PAP Politicising Hijab Issue

It is the PAP which keeps politicizing the hijab issue and making it sensitive to talk about by misrepresenting the issue as an attempt by Malay-Muslims to be different and to be treated extra special.

The PAP treats every issue concerning rights of the Malay-Muslim community in this way.

Whether it is the issue of madrasah, whether it is tudung issue in government schools, whether it is the aurat issue for Muslim women in certain professions.

Masagos Zulkifli has employed the use of highly emotive language – ” sowing discord and divisiveness ” – and this is the type of language which is actually sowing discord and divisiveness.

The PAP has done this before – using highly emotive language – to shut down the Malay-Muslim community’s efforts to protect, preserve and regain its constitutionally guaranteed rights.

By doing so – by portraying the Malay-Muslim community as always being problematic – the PAP is actually endangering our racial and religious harmony

Allowing Muslim women in certain professions to cover their aurat is a non-issue. Really.

So the question is why is the PAP adamant in not allowing it ? And an even bigger question is why the PAP would attempt to justify an unfair policy at the expense of our national cohesion.

Bravo MP Faisal Manap for doing what the PAP Muslim MPs dare not, care not or cannot do. He is simply doing his job.

Shame on Masagos Zulkifli for attempting to silent MP Faisal Manap.

By doing so, Masagos Zulkifli is beng an enabler to the PAP’s unfair policy in this matter. It is this behaviour which is sowing real discord and divisiveness. Masagos Zulkifli – Stop politicizing this issue please.


Source: Faris Abdat

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