Bernard Chen: Faisal Manap Is True Singaporean Son, Not Divisive Character

When the highest ranked public servant in our legislature (and potentially Singapore’s first women Muslim president come September 2017) is allowed to wear a head scarf while attending to her duties both inside and outside of the House, I do not see why other Muslim officers are unable to do so.

And by the way, I have known and worked with Mr Faisal for years. He is far from being a divisive character, he is humble, slow to speak, and always listening to what others have to say, even when he is personally criticised. He makes it a point to attend funeral wakes / ceremonies of his residents, regardless of their ethnicities. He attend dinners organised by temple associations, house temples etc. He speaks with his community with patience and honesty and he engages other communities with tact and grace. So please refrain from throwing unwarranted accusations and red herrings in the House.

And what’s Parliament for if you cannot raise issues that matters.

And yes he raises issues pertaining to the Malay-Muslim community as the advancement of his community is close to his heart but more often than not, he raises national issues that will benefit all Singaporeans, regardless of their race or religion. I can attest to that as I helped draft his questions. He is a Singaporean and proud of it. Probably that explains why he was able to increase his vote share in his own ward of Kaki Bukit because more people want him to speak up for them in Parliament and not behind closed doors.

And “subtly” raising issues sensitive to Muslims is the responsible thing to do. Isn’t that what “engaging people quietly behind the scenes” is all about, being responsible and “subtle”.

Mr Faisal’s “subtlety” is discord and divisiveness while Mr Masagos’ “subtlety” is good, responsible and the way forward. Double standards.


Source: Chen Jiaxi Bernard

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