Discrimination Against Muslimahs Wearing Tudung Is The Number 1 Factor Inhibiting Them From The Nursing Profession


There is a convoluted reasoning when it comes to the tudung. It is said that those who are calling for the end to the discrimination against tudung clad women are putting pressures upon Muslimah nurses such that these nurses are put into a spotlight thereby somehow such talk of tudung has disadvantanged and discouraged them from doing their work. The reasoning further goes to say that nursing is fardhu kifayah and thus must be encouraged.

It is as if those calling for a stop to the ongoing discrimination are somehow at fault of inhibiting a fardhu kifayah which would benefit the society of which nursing is a prime example.

Such a reasoning is flawed and can only be thought of by a muslim PAP cadre member who is trying to be too smart by half. Such reasoning ignores the fact that in the first place, it is the discrimination against muslimahs wearing tudung which is the number 1 factor inhibiting them from the profession which is a fardhu kifayah. Again to be clear, the fact is that those who promote and enforce the current policy of discrimination not allowing muslimahs to don the tudung are the ones inhibiting fardhu kifayah. Not to mention such discrimination against women belongs to the Dark Ages of Europe not the 21st century anywhere in the world.

The fact is that the ongoing discrimination against women due to them choosing to wear the tudung is the policy denying them all sorts of working opportunities and professions. Such discrimination is totally indefensible. And yet some foolish people persist in their stupidity and indeed they are actually encouraging transgression against the Islamic prescription of covering the aurah. Their argument is invalid and exposes them as defiant of the Commands of Allah swt and the teachings of our beloved Prophet s.a.w.

And as for the Muslim men who make such convoluted arguments and therefore allow such discrimination to continue, their hypocrisy lies in the fact that their own wives don the tudung in public.

Allahu Musta’an!



Source: Ustaz Abd’ Al-Halim

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