Comfort Taxi Driver Tries To Claim $12,000 Damages For Bumper Scratches, Is This Fraud?

Comfort taxi driver claiming absurd amount for insurance claim. Surveyors believed to have profit from the accident claim

We need to stop all this foul play as my friend kenna the same treatment from comfort taxi ! Where got kenna bang and they claim you so much one siol.

SGD$12,000 for scratches on the bumper ? Not even a broken headlamp or dent on the bumper. Kenna bang on my door lei. #whyliddat

Taxi driver still got face to claim medical when he can shout vulgarities like f my Mother and he even want to punch me. This shows clearly he is perfectly fine what. Where got need medical attention when he can be so drama. He tried to call 999 too. ?!? Is this taxi driver on drugs or what? All the actions happening in front of his cool blue Hyundai. #whysostupid #carcam

Taxi driver also unwilling to cooperate by giving me identification card to take down his particulars. So now he know how I am but I don’t even know who is he. Is he even the rightful hirer ? #winliaolor

Contact comfort but the CSO mentioned they will try not to agitate the driver in case they return car and join Uber / Grab. LOL

After which he fled the scene after his speech filled with dirty vugalrities. #liddatcanmeh Just received the attached letter from his lawyer and the damages stated $12,000 siol.

We need to stop taxi driver from all this foul play ! Making people bang on their rear by jam braking or don’t give way when you want to filter out than they bang you hard. Of course last but not least, how to get $12,000?

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