Jafri Basron: Singaporean Malay And Chinese Stallholders Cannot Survive In Changi Business Park

There are TOO MANY INDIANS at the Changi Business Park that lead to failures in business selling Chinese and Malay foods.

There are many buildings at CBP and almost every building have their own food courts.

I observed that many stall-holders selling Chinese or Malay food would fold-up after sometimes due to poor business environment as there are few locals working in the vicinity . Hiwever, Indian food stall-holders is doing a roaring business there.

Each time a stall becomes vacant, another Indian food stall would open. Whether it is indian vegetarian food, north indian food, south indian food, chapati or briyani rice will be available.

In some of the food courts; more than 80% of the stalls are selling Indian related food.

I would like to take this opportunity to urge Singaporeans to open up their eyes and look hard at the present situation.

Singaporeans will soon be squeezed out of their own country if they continue to support the PAP Government who is more inclined to the foreign Indian community due to the CEHA agreement materialised between Singapore and India. In the afreement, Singapore government has to allow thousands of Indian workers to work and lives in Singapore and this takes up many jobs which is supposed to be filled by Singaporean.


Source: Jafri Basron

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