Pledge Your Support For The Family Of The Late Muhammad Hambali Sumathi

On Monday (24th April 2017) morning, Almarhum Muhammad Hambali Sumathi, 12, returned to Allah after a goalpost accident.

Hambali had reached for the crossbar of the goalpost to do a pull-up when he fell backwards. The structure tipped over and struck his head.

He was conveyed unconscious with head injuries to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, where he later passed on.

Hambali’s mother has been inconsolable since and even his father chokes when speaking about him. Over 200 people, including his schoolmates, came to pay their last respects, many of them seen sobbing.

May God protect and preserve the family of Muhammad Hambali Bin Sumathi & increase them in faith and patience. Ameen.

The mother of Muhammad Hambali Sumathi (centre) being hugged after his body was taken to Pusara Aman Mosque for last rites 

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Support the family of Almarhum Hambali

We cannot imagine the grief of losing a child in such an unexpected manner. It started out as any normal morning for the family but while we returned to our families at the end of our working/schooling days, they returned home with one member of the family no longer amongst them.

During these trying times, let’s support the family beyond our prayers. If we can help to raise some funds, it would be a small part in alleviating the grief and concerns of the family at this difficult period of their lives.

No amount of donations or prayers can bring him back but it’s a small way that the community can let the family know that Almarhum was deeply loved and that we grieve with them. 

How You Can Help

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