Malaysian Foodpanda Rider Stealing Singaporeans’ Rice Bowl, So Citizens Should Steal Each Others’ To Survive

However shocking it is to hear our Prime Minister lecturing our own working citizens to “steal other people’s lunch boxes” in this year May Day celebration, it is apparently clear that that has to be done. Look, even Malaysians are taking up food delivery jobs using Msia-plate motorbikes.

More riders, more competition, means more effort and hard work. Malaysian with msia-plate motorbikes has more advantage compared to Singaporeans using Singapore registered bikes right? How do one work hard enough to become abang Foodpanda that earns 4k then?

And what is the norm in Singapore nowadays?

PAP stealing from citizens, PAP keep inviting foreigners here to steal jobs from citizens, and now citizens have to start stealing from other citizens to survive?

Ownself protect interest of ownself ke? Lie, cheat and steal too? Haramjah betol.



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