An Apology To Brother Ridjal Noor

Assalamualaikum wr wb.

To Those Who Are Reading This, Especially Ridjal Noor.

I would like to apologise to Pte Ltd, its director and owner, Mr Ridjal Noor, for allegations made based on testimonies I had received. Upon further investigation, the makers of these testimonies had since denied the allegations.

As a fellow human being, I trusted what was told to me as truth. I truly believed what was told to me. I have since realised the company and its director, were victims of a vicious attempt at causing damage to their reputation and business. I sincerely apologise for mistakably being an indirect agent towards this heinous cause.

I deeply apologise and will work towards making up for my mistake in believing and having trust in people who spread such allegations about this company and its director.

Ridjal Noor, thank you for being extremely cooperative, patient and understanding as we resolve this. I am looking forward to be your partner in bringing more good to the business world. Do consider me your brother, and we’ll work closely together from now onwards.

I seek your forgiveness for truly believing you were such a person. I deeply regret for having such thoughts of you based on such allegations made known to me.

I am foolish to believe people who I thought I trust. I will learn from this episode.

Let’s heal, and together, prosper.

May Allah give us ease and strength, as we go through such struggles. Together, we stand.

Alhamdullilah for the hikmah and light of truth.

Thanks and Warmest Regards
Mohammad Nizam Abdul Kadir


Source: Mohammad Nizam Abdul Kadir

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