PERGAS: Pray For Well-Being Of Ustazah Nur Masreena In Her Fight Against Cancer


We received news that Ustazah Nur Masreena Abd Wahab is in a critical condition, battling cancer stage 4 and was hospitalised.

She is a Manager at Little Muslim Readers (Woodlands Branch).

We seek your kind prayers for her health and speedy recovery. May she continues to be strong and be able to return to guide the young in their journey to seek Islamic knowledge.


Kami dimaklumkan bahawa Ustazah Nur Masreena dalam keadaan kritikal di hospital dan sedang bertarung dengan kanser tahap 4.

Beliau adalah seorang Pengurus di Little Muslim Readers (Cawangan Woodlands).

Mari sama-sama kita mendoakan agar beliau diberi kesihatan serta kesembuhan. Semoga diberi ketabahan untuk terus berbakti dalam mendidik anak-anak kecil ilmu-ilmu agama Islam.


Source: Singapore Islamic Scholars & Religious Teachers Association – Pergas

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