Needy Family In Toa Payoh Needs Our Help

Mdm Siti is 60yrs old. Due to her illness, she is unable to work. Her husband is 70yrs old and unable to work too due to poor health.

She has 3 kids; 19yo daughter who is working as a cleaner; 18yo son in NS & 9yo son who is in SChool. She also takes care of her ailing father who is 95yo.

Her daughter is the only one who is working & paying bills & buying household food.

They 6 of them are staying in a rented L-shape house. I have attached pictures of the condition of the house.

The address is: Blk 5 Toa Payoh. (PLS PM ME FOR UNIT)

There is a double decker bed & 1 small single bed.

When i ask Mdm Siti whats she needs, she say tilam (matteress) only but i cn believe we can help more.

Anyone keen to mayb help to assist to paint the house & clean up, do let me know so i can help out as well.

My brothers & Sisters. If you have anything u want to bless or help, pls go their house. They are alwys at home.


Source: Yusyairah Yusreen

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