Singaporeans Recreate Childhood Photos For Mother’s Day To Make You Go ‘Aww’

We all have embarrassingly cute childhood photos.

Some will see the light of day once in a while. Plenty others will remain hidden because, seriously, what were you wearing back then and why do your parents have a penchant of taking photos of you in the shower?

Grab, the private car hire app, decided to make use of a fun Internet trend of recreating childhood photos in a recent contest for Mother’s Day.

The challenge is simple: Recreate an old childhood photo that was taken with your mum. And then win a prize.

Check out the winning entries here, which should make you smile. (Unless you and your mom are estranged.)

Some of them had grown so big, roles had to be slightly adapted:

Or reversed, in fact.

Over the years, some may have changed:

But their love stays the same.

Because no matter what happens…

…we’ll always be their babies (and this guy got that down pat).



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