Please Help Us! Baby Born Premature Warded At ICU, Treatment Expected To Cost Estimated $200,000

As a person who adores children, my heart skipped several beats the day my wife’s water broke prematurely at 27 weeks. We felt doomed and our world collapsing around us, as we have been trying for a long time and this was our third pregnancy after two miscarriages.

My wife’s job can sometimes be stressful; it probably took its toll not only on her, but also the precious being growing inside. But thankfully, my wife’s superiors and colleagues went out of their ways to ensure that she completely focuses on the pregnancy when this happened.

I pray that it isn’t too late and that for every hour our son is inside the womb, we thank a million times to the good Lord for keeping him inside. He was born on 8th May at 28 weeks.

When I’m around children, I lose sense of time and the world around me. I enjoy their chatter and giggles, their twinkling eyes and an ever curious flow of questions. How much more would I wish to hear the same from my own?

We’re advised by the efficient, empathetic and wonderful nurses and medical officers at KKH to not think about the financial burden to follow this tough pregnancy. But being expats, we are afraid and aghast every time we see the amount billed to incubate our newborn ¬†child at the NICU (Estimated at over $200,000). We will never be able to produce that much money in such a short period, but then we cannot put a price on our precious baby.

A humbled request to help us bring our baby home. We will be ever grateful and vow to bring up our child with manifold eagerness to give, just as the gifts he receives.

Besides GIVE, we have received SGD 8,845.00 from other sources.


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