Student Blackmailed By Personal Trainer After Sex In Gym

A personal trainer hatched a plan to lure a young man to have sex with him at a gym he worked at.

When they were undressed, one of the trainer’s two accomplices came forward to film them in the nude.

His second accomplice then demanded money from their victim and threatened to inform the police about the supposed criminal trespass if the request was not met.

Personal trainer Shaun Leow Qi Hui and full-time national serviceman Leong Boyuan were each jailed for two months on Wednesday (May 24) after pleading guilty to one count of criminal intimidation.

The case involving their alleged accomplice, delivery driver Tay Kai Hui, 22, is still pending.

The court heard Leow, 23 and a 21-year-old student, who cannot be named due to a gag order, met on gay dating app Grindr and started chatting on Mar 21 last year.

They later went to Leow’s workplace – Segi Fitness, a gym at Middle Road – and proceeded to have sex at around 12.30am.

But about three minutes later, the victim spotted Leong, 22, nearby. Leong was holding his mobile phone with the camera pointing at them.

Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Kenneth Kee said the victim was shocked and immediately wore his clothes while Leow pretended to be shocked and got dressed too.

“Leong feigned anger and began shouting. He said ‘What are you doing in my gym?’. The victim apologised repeatedly,” said the DPP.

Leow and the student then met Tay who pretended to be the gym owner.

DPP Kee added that Tay scolded Leow and the victim for tarnishing the reputation of the gym and made repeated threats to call the police before demanding $5,000 from Leow as “compensation”.

Leow pretended to transfer the money via mobile banking while Tay ordered the victim to pay the same amount.

When Leong and Tay realised that the student could not afford to fork out $5,000, they agreed to accept $1,000 from him.

Their victim soon left the gym and the three friends went to a nearby coffee shop to divide the money among them.

The trio were caught after their victim alerted the police on Mar 28 last year.

For criminal intimidation, Leow and Leong could have each been jailed up to two years and fined.



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