M Ravi: Support Me As I Keep The Anti-Death Penalty Pressure On The Singapore Government

PLEASE SHARE THIS POST AS WIDELY AS YOU CAN. This is the first time I have made such a request .

Here is my speech ( rather an emotional cry for justice for Ridzuan and others )delivered on Saturday made in memory of Ridzuan. I can’t help but to feel angry….outrage ….those who say to me stay calm… I ask – would you stay calm if your brother was murdered unjustly In front of you just a week ago !The wounds of this cold blooded murderous evil act ( “evil ” is the word used by my esteemed colleague Eugene Thuraisingam in his Facebook postings ) is still afresh and raw. If you don’t share the outrage , don’t tell me I should not feel this way or that way .. to me that only shows you are heartless, operating on cold logic!

Friday morning executions are like bunch of thugs who had given you a warning that they will kill your child ( if you have one ) in front of you and they give you the exact time of execution ( murder)and finally execute their plans infront of you and your child is screaming mummy , mummy ..they hang her infront of you and harvest all the organs with blood and gore ..My God … Tell me , what would you say.?

What kind of people do we we have in Singapore ? .. What kind of lawyers we have ? What kind of judges we have ?Do they not have children ?

Im tired of hearing the following :

“Hey Ravi , don’t be emotional” …”be detached sweetheart ..be professional ..focus on the next best billing on the files ..clients come and go…”

So , it’s another file only to be closed, another bill to be chased ,right? And these are touted as the best practices of law”.

Enough is enough !!!!!!


I will be opening an account this week to raise funds for my travel to several countries including New York,Canada, France , Germany , Britain, Spain and New Zealand to maintain legal actions against the Singapore authorities on behalf of Ridzuan and other victims ,their families and friends . The global action will be called JUSTICE for Ridzuan . I thank the international community and the international human rights lawyers for their wonderful support and solidarity .

The account would be PayPal account so that the Singapore government cannot monitor or freeze the account and any attempts to do will be met with legal sanctions .

I look forward to your generous support. I will give an estimate of the amount to be raised shortly. I will be leaving for New York in 3 weeks to instruct lawyers to file the first case there with press conference which will be aired Facebook live internationally . Singapore representatives will be invited to the Press Conferences in the respective jurisdictions in question. . See if they turn up . There will be protests as well in major cities against Singapore authorities and leaders ( but not its people )for crimes against humanity under the Rome Statute and or other international instruments which you will find out when these cases are filed in the international courts and warrants issued.

So help me God.

Allahu Akbar

Anbe Sivam , Sathyame Paraasakthi


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