Damanhuri Abas: Singaporeans Need Truly Independent, Non-Partisan President

With this announcement from the Government, we Singaporeans would now state our expectations on the Malay President to be that we, Singaporeans of all races will be voting for in September.

As spelled out in the raison d’ĂȘtre of having an Elected President, the position comes with critical Presidential powers of financial oversight for our vital billions of dollars of reserves. He or she is the safeguard and second key to our reserves. He or she must rigorously check the government to know how well or badly they managed the collective money of the people. This monies are invested and since the Government refused full transparency to disclose the truth of the state of our reserves in clear details, the President is the only hope of the people to hold the Government accountable on our behalf.

Thus the President to be must be someone who has experiences managing in the real sense, multi-million dollar operations in a position of direct and primary responsibility. He or she is accountable for the positive outcome of the business or otherwise must be able to face the rigour of explaining any failures when it happens with all its consequences.

A person with such capabilities most likely would only be someone who has run himself or herself, successful multi-million dollar setup with thousands of employees under his or her charge and care. Someone from the private sector would be ideal as the public sector immunes somewhat from the demanding scrutiny and consequential rigour.

The honest question Singaporeans should now ask is, are there any such persons of capable experience and merit in the Malay community to be given that trust by the people? If there is such a person that emerged to contest, Singaporeans should make the right choice of electing that person instead of anyone from the Government rank and file from the Malay community which sadly do not have any experience given of the above scale of financial amount and responsibility as mentioned, working in the Government.

Ultimately, the overwhelming evidence of late from rampant price and tax hikes on the people, and the sudden changes to the constitution to game the system, the people must be fully cognisant of the dangers of unchecked and uncontrolled Government going rogue. Thus the people all the more needs a truly Independent Elected President. And that will never come from someone who is a known Government man or woman who will tow the government line instead of being its very gatekeeper.


Source: Damanhuri Abas

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